Liquid Shoe Polish (Black)


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Features:Made of carnauba wax, lanolin, etc. The moisturizing lanolin it contains can provide gentle cares to leather and retard leather aging. The waterproof and glossy carnauba wax helps leave shoes shiny and rejuvenated.

Clean the leather shoes at first, open the lid and press the red button in the middle of sponge, then put the product up down and apply it to the leather shoes evenly, finally wait shoes to get dry naturally.


  • Keep it in a closed space.
  • Store it in a shade and dark place at 5-30℃ (41-80℉).
  • Please try on a barely noticeable place.
  • If you are satisfied with the effect, then rub it on whole shoes.

Material:Deionized water, osmotic agent, palm wax

Size: 50*45*162mm

Weight: 102g