Lint Roller 3 Pcs/Set (50 Sheets)


Let’s make your clothes extra neat by using this lint roller! It’s a handy item that removes the dust and soft fibers stuck on your clothes. It can also be used on carpets, sofas and inside your car. Come and get this lint roller in a cute animal design, available in 3 pieces a set at Ximivogue.

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Features: Oblique tear-off design. Easy to peel off to avoid waste. Convenient and fast to remove need-to-clean substances. Simple and trendy appearance.

Usage: Roll the product on the targeted items to eliminate annoying and need-to-clean substances. Peel off the used sheet from the oblique corner.

Notes: Keep away from fire and water. Not suitable for smooth floor, glass, or damp objects

Material: PP, glue, paper

Size: 220*45*45 mm

Weight: 212.2 g