Kitchen Peeler Knife 3-in-1 Set


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Features: 1. The blade is sharp and not easy to oxidize. The chopping board is anti-slip and wear-resistant, featuring a groove design to catch juice or drippings. 2. Handles and chopping boards are made of PP material, elegant and stylish.

Usage: 1.Clean after use. Wipe dry with a soft cloth then let dry naturally. 2.Do not soak in water for a long time. Store in a dry place. 3.Avoid dropping, to prevent breakage.

Notes: 1.Do not scrub with a brush or abrasive powder. 2.Avoid a strong impact. Keep it away from fire, to prevent deformation. 3.Keep it out of reach of children.

Material: Ceramic blade, PP

Size: 250*85 mm

Weight: 135 g