Iridescent Eyebrow Tweezers Nail Clipper Set (2 Count)


A mini set of eyebrow tweezers and nail clipper for your beauty and healthy needs! Comes with iridescent design, this portable set is convenient for a quick touch up and cleaning. Available in 2 counts here at Ximivogue.

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Features: With a nail file. Adopts electroplating technique for corrosion-resistance. The blade is sharp and not easy to go rusty.

Usage: 1.Connect the earphones with other devices through 3.5mm audio jack. 2.Adjust the volume to minimal before connecting with earphones, then increase to the proper volume gradually. 3.Answer Button: When there is an incoming call, tap to answer; tap again to hang up. When it plays music, tap to pause; double tap for the next song; triple tap for the previous song.

Notes: Cautions: 1.Improper use may cause breakage. 2.No contact with chemicals. 3.It is a normal phenomenon that there may be special smell because of different ingredient. Children should use under supervision of adults.

Material: Eyebrow Tweezers: Stainless Steel. Nail Clippers: Carbon Steel

Size: 78*15*1.7 mm

Weight: 48.6 g