INS Style Mini Wireless Speaker – Dark Blue


With a retro design, this wireless speaker will make any get together fun and memorable. No more tangling wires, keep it wireless with Ximivogue. Available in Dark Blue and Pink.

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Features: 1.Adopts retro camera appearance design. 2.The handle ensures convenient carrying. 3.Designed with a rotary knob for easy operation. 4.Small and portable.

Usage: 1.Long press the rotary knob to turn on/off. 2.Clockwise/anti-clockwise rotate the knob to turn up/down the volume. (There will be a beep sound when reaching the max volume.) 3.The Bluetooth indicator light will flash, and will stay on after successful connecting to device.

Notes: It is not recommended to replace the battery by yourself, because the improper operation of which will cause explosion hazard. Please consult professionals if needed.

Material: ABS

Size: 70 * 42.5* 65 mm

Weight: 142 g