INS Style Floral Bloom Air Humidifier with Flower Holder (White)


Have a good, restful and peaceful sleep as you smell this aromatic scent through this bloom air humidifier as it fills in your entire bedroom. Available in the colours Pink, White and Bluish Green at Ximivogue.

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Features: 1.Ensures whisper-quiet operation to provide a sound sleep even for baby. 2.Mists vertically and diffuses evenly. 3.Made of skin-friendly ABS material.

Usage: 1.Press the button to turn on the mist and light. 2.Press again, then it will stop spraying while the light will keep on. 3.Press for 3 seconds to choose light color. 4.Press for 3 seconds again to turn off the light. 5.Default lighting time: 1 hour. The light will automatically turn off an hour later. 6.Default spraying time: 8 hours. It will automatically turn off eight hours later.

Notes: 1.Do not add purified water or distilled water. Clean tap water and mineral water are recommended. 2.Do not touch or let other objects touch the atomizing plate, to avoid damage or skin burns.

Material: ABS

Size: 120 * 50 * 160 mm

Weight: 290g