Gym Wrist Support (Orange)


Get some safe support when you’re ready to lift some weights! There’s no harm in reducing the risks of pain and injury with this wrist support.

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Features: Product for intensive training reduces vibration, features comfortable and breathable materials, wicks sweat, protects arms and legs, and helps prevent sprains.

Usage: Slide the palm supports over the palms, wrap around the palms and tighten the straps, and adjust the position of the palm supports.

Notes: 1.Wash before use. 2. Do not use it on the wounded area. 3. Regularly wash the product to avoid skin irritation caused by sweat left in it, including Sodium (Na+).

Material: 59% polyamide, 25% nylon, 13% polyester, 3% elastane

Size: 150*110 mm

Weight: 40 g