Geometric Over the Ear Wireless Headphones-T128 (Red)


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Features:1.This product is a True Wireless Stereo Earbud. The wireless earbuds work individually or in pairs. 2.The earbuds will tell you the caller number. You can also dial the last caller number using the earbud. There are English voice prompts when turning on the earbuds, pairing the earbuds, turning off the earbuds and disconnecting the earbuds, and when the power is running low. 3.Compatibility: The earbuds support all mobile phones, tablets, notebooks with wireless function.

Usage:Please read the User Manual for reference.

Notes:Please read the User Manual for reference.

Material: ABS, wireless module, lithium battery, loudspeaker

Size: 180*185*75 mm

Weight: 183 g