Gel Nail Polish Base Coat 10ml/0.3fl.oz. (Crystal Pink)


It’s a silky and glossy nail base! Time for you to shine with this gorgeous base coat. It’s waterproof and sticky so that it can last for long. Available in crystal pink here at Ximivogue.

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Features: Long-lasting nail polish. The nail polish is not watery and will not shrink.

Usage: 1.Exfoliate dead skin off your fingertips. Polish your fingernails and soak them into warm soap water. 2.Use the sponge nail file to rub off the horny nails and polish the nails till they are smooth. 3.Cleaning: Wrap cotton around the head of the cuticle pusher and dip on the nail care oil. Apply the nail skin care oil on your nails. 4.Apply the nail base coat and place your nails under the UV nail lamp for 1 minute.

Notes: 1.May causes an allergic reaction. Please perform skin test every time before doing manicure. Please stop using the product immediately if irritation occurs. 2.Please do not apply gel nail polish on injured or infected nails. 3.Do not use nail file or sharp tools to grind the gel nail polish. 4.Please keep out of reach of children.


Size: 67*33 mm

Weight: 10 g