Fresh Style Colorful Swimming Goggles (Suitable Age: Above 7) (Pink and Yellow)


Be able to feel and see the world underwater with our stylish and colourful swimming googles!

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Features: 1.Adopts flat lenses design for same visual experience during overwater and underwater use. 2.The lenses can effectively care your eyes and reduce injury caused by UV. 3.The anti-bacteria and anti-fog lenses ensure clear underwater sight.

Usage: 1.The fog-proof coating is made of hydrophilic material. Please dampen the inside surface of the lenses before use for better fog-proof effect. Please dampen the gasket before use for better watertightness. 2.Press the lenses against your eye sockets and pull the goggles strap up and over your head to rest comfortably against the back of your head, then adjust the strap for comfortable length. 3.Gently press the eye cups to make sure that they cover your eyes completely and suction to your skin to ensure watertight seal around your eyes. 4.Take off the goggles regularly after longtime wearing, to avoid dry eyes caused by oxygen deficit. 5.Rinse with clean water and let dry naturally after use. Do not directly wipe the inside surface of the lenses, to avoid damaging the anti-fog coating. Avoid scratches caused by hard objects.

Notes: 1.For underwater use only. Children should use under supervision of adults. 2.Not for diving, to avoid injury to eyes. 3.For shallow swimming only. 4.Please take off slowly and gently. Do not pull the

Material: PC, silicone

Size: 165*40 mm

Weight: 35 g