Flower-Shaped Cloth Nipple Cover (2 Pairs)(80mm)


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Features:The drawing board displays 4 vivid colors, making children’s drawings colorful. Bright colors trigger children’s interest and stimulates their curiosity towards colors. This drawing board provides roomy space to allow your kids to fully play with their imagination and creativity. With geometrical stamps positioned on the drawing board to add fun. The colorful stamps fully arouse children’s attention and interest.

Usage:Draw, write and play games on the drawing board using the stylus to encourage children’s creativity and help them to learn how to express themselves visually. The drawing board contributes to developing children’s imagination and hands-on ability. It cultivates artistic ability of children and shows the inner capabilities of their mind, helping adults to learn more about children and communicate with them better.


1.Please discontinue using immediately if there is any discomfort or allergy during use.

2.Do not apply lotion, perfume, powder or other greasy skin care product on the body part where the cover is ab

Material:Iridescent material

Size: 80mm

Weight: 24g