Facial Cleanser Foaming Net – Pink


Use this foam net to rub the bar soap and make soft, fine and rich foams as you deeply clean your face for a perfect complexion.

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Features: Lanyard and multiple layers design. Fast foaming, time-saving. Helps produce rich foams and clean skin deeply without residue. A perfect choice for skin.

Usage: 1.Wet the foaming net. 2.Apply a proper amount of facial cleanser or handmade soap on the foaming net. 3.Gently rub it to make bubbles and take some with hands. 4.Spread bubbles on face evenly, and massage for a while, then rinse off with water.

Notes: Do not use it to clean babies’ face, so as to not hurt their sensitive skin. Do not share one towel with others. Keep away from fire and damp places. Avoid exposure to the sun for a long time.

Material: PE

Size: 60*110 mm

Weight: 23.6 g