Eco-Friendly Latex Yoga Resistance Band


You don’t need heavy machines to do some work-outs! A resistance band is an easy and effective tool to build your strength and stamina. Find it here at Ximivogue for your home exercises.

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Features: 1.Made of latex. Soft and breathable. Safe and durable. Not easy to deform. 2. An elastic band is a good tool for building muscles.

Usage: Begin standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes parallel or slightly outward. Perform a squat and then rise forcefully into a jump.

Notes: 1. Please check if there are any scratches or damage before using this product. Please do not use the product if there are scratches or damages on it. 2. Before using this product, do warm-up exercises to avoid sports injuries. Please do the warm-up exercises slowly. 3. Do not use sharp objects to scratch the product. Do not place on a rough surface. Do not clean with hot water. 4. Please keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight or heat. 5. Apply talcum powder evenly on the product and put it into a sealed bag when the product is not in use.

Material: Latex

Size: 50*50*0.4 mm

Weight: 10 g