Disposable Paper Water Cup (50 Count)


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1. Made with raw wood pulp, it’s healthy, hygienic and odor-free.

2. Reclosable zip design for easy use can prevent cup from dust and dirt.Hygienic and clean.

3. Nice shape which is not prone to getting softened and deformed.Covered with PE waterproof coat for prevent water permeating.

4. Smooth cup mouth to bring you a comfortable drinking experience.

5. Please put it into recyclable trash can for environment protection.

Open the package, then pull out a cup you need.

1.When it contains hot beverage, please handle it carefully, to avoid dangers.2.Keep away from fire, to avoid damages to product.3.Children should use it under adult’s supervision.

Material:Bamboo fiber paper, PE

Size: 74*53*88mm

Weight: 300g