Digital Voltage Tester (SDN-8726)


For your convenient electrical testing! Use this digital voltage tester to detect electrical current at home. It’s a safer choice than simply touching any wiring. Available in Ximivogue.

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Features: This digital voltage tester measures AC/DC voltage ranging from 12V to 220V. The voltage tester features an LCD display and the readings are clear. Detect null line, phase line and continuity of AC/DC voltage.

Usage: Please touch and hold the Direct (A) button and contact the place where you wish to measure the voltage directly. Please touch and hold the Inductance (B) button. Hold the sensing tip of the voltage tester against the wiring to be tested. Note: Please noted that the button farther from the LCD display is the direct button and the button near the LCD display is the inductance button regardless of the printing on the digital voltage tester.

Notes: Please use the product carefully. This product is not able to measure the power supply beyond the voltage range. Do not use the product as a screwdriver.

Material: ABS, 45 steel

Size: 130*16*11mm

Weight: 13.4 g