Degradable Rice Husk Sippy Cup for Children


Let’s feed your kids in a healthy and safe manner. This rice husk sippy cup is highly durable and does not go mouldy. It’s a great choice for families. Find this eco-friendly product in Ximivogue.

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Features: Will not go mouldy. Natural and eco-friendly. Easy to clean.

Usage: 1.Hand wash with neutral dish detergent and wipe dry. 2.Dishwasher-safe. Normal drying programme.

Notes: 1.Can be ultraviolet ray, ozone or low temperature sterilized. No high-temperature sterilization. 2. Prolonged soaking in water is not recommended. 3. Do not heat directly with fire. Not oven-safe. Do not microwave.

Material: Rice husk fibre, plant starch

Size: 10.9*8.4*6.9mm

Weight: 150g