Deep Bass In-Ear Earphones(Silver)


Listen to music or make calls with these comfortable in-ear earphones. It reduces outside noise to the minimum that you won’t be able hear any unsolicited opinion on you being unbothered with the outside world! Available in Black and Silver at Ximivogue.

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Features: A trendy combination of metal and ABS. In simple style. Premium and durable. The ergonomically designed earbuds ensure comfortable wearing.

Usage: 1.To control the volume: push the button towards “+” sign to turn up; push the button towards “-” sign to turn down. 2.Answer key: press the button to answer an incoming call; press again to hang up.

Notes: 1.Avoid dropping and impact during use, so as not to damage the switch or other components. 2.Keep the light sensor clean and keep it in a good sensing condition, so as not to block the light receiving and not to affect the normal use. 3.Keep it away from fire.

Material: TPE+ABS+aluminium alloy

Size: 1200 mm

Weight: 15.6 g