Deep Bass In-Ear Earphones – Black


Reduce the noise coming from other sources other than the awesome vibes your music gives. Double up the vibes when the extra bass drops.

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Features: 1.A trendy combination of metal and ABS. In simple style. Premium and durable. 2.Delivers powerful bass. 3.With a storage case. Convenient and easy to carry. 4.In-ear design, noise-reducing, ensuring comfortable wearing.

Usage: 1.To control the volume: push the button towards “+” sign to turn up; push the button towards “-” sign to turn down. 2.Answer key: press the button to answer an incoming call; press again to hang up.

Notes: 1.Do not listen to music at high volume for a long time, to avoid impairing your hearing. 2.Keep it away from fire and water. 3.Do not pull hard. 4.Do not attempt to disassemble by yourself.

Material: ABS, TPE, aluminium alloy

Size: 1200 mm

Weight: 13.8 g