Dazzling Electroplated Series Makeup Brush Set With Storage Case (6 Count)


The electricity won’t kill your vibe, trust us! The Electroplated Handle Series Makeup Brush is complete with everything you need to create an electric and intoxicating look! Just perfect for beginners.

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Features: The electroplated makeup brush is stylish and easy to use. The brushes are easy to carry and the bristles are delicate. The brushes are easy to stick powder.

Usage: (1)There may be a small amount of lint coming off during manufacture process. Please gently hand wash with warm water before first use. (2)Do not bleach. Do not machine wash. Do not dry clean. Machine washing will damage the cotton yarn and terry. Hand washing is recommended. (3)Washing water temperature: under 40℃(104℉).

Notes: Notes: (1)Please wash before first use. It is a normal phenomenon that there is lint coming off or discoloration during first wash. (2)Towels are personal hygienic products where bacteria will grow after longtime use. It is recommended by experts that adults should replace every 3 months and every 1 month for children.

Material: plastic handle, aluminium tube,fibre bristles

Size: 17cm*30mm*11 mm

Weight: 53 g