Creative Baby Food Scissors (Strawberry/Carrot Design)(Red/Orange)


Baby food scissors made especially to cut your baby food! It has a magnet behind for easy access to the fridges. Available in red strawberry and orange carrot design.

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Features: Small and exquisite, stylish and adorable, handy and convenient to carry around. Designed with a magnet for easy attachment on refrigerators.

Usage: 1.Clean after use, then dry with a soft cloth or let dry naturally. 2.Do not soak in water for a long time. Store it in a dry place. 3.Avoid dropping from high places, to avoid damage.

Notes: 1.When unplugging the data cable from an adapter, computer or mobile phone, please pinch the head instead of the cable to pull, to avoid damaging the cable and interface. 2.Keep away from strong heat source. 3.Avoid dampness and dust. 4.Avoid plugging the data cable in a power strip when it is not used.

Material: stainless steel, PP

Size: 100*50 mm

Weight: 25 g