Cat Claw Collection Makeup Brushes (6 Pcs/Set)


Achieve a purr-fect look with these makeup brushes in the Cat Claw collection! The soft bristles are gentle to your delicate skin. Available in a set of 6 pieces at Ximivogue; all different brushes to suit your different needs.

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Features: Cat claw design. Beautiful and useful. The bristles are soft and feel good on the skin. It is easy to stick powder and perfect for doing makeup.

Usage: Step 1: Sweep the blush along your cheekbones. The blush brush is perfect for applying different types of blush. Step 2: Angled contour brush: The slant of the synthetic bristles forms a chiseled edge, allowing for accurate placement that sweeps flat against the skin and delivers even application. Step 3: Use the highlighter brush to highlight the nosewing and eyebrow. The highlighter brush is perfect for applying highlighter. Step 4: Apply contour product along the right and left sides of your nose. The nose contour brush is suitable for contouring nose and face. Step 5: Apply eyeshadow on eyelids using the eyeshadow brush. The eyeshadow brush is perfect for applying eye shadow. Step 6: Apply eyebrow product on the eyebrows using the angled eyebrow brush. The angled eyebrow brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow powder.

Notes: 1.Do not wash the brushes with hot water or the bristles will be damaged. 2.Do not blow dry the bristles with the hair dryer or the bristles will be deformed.

Material: plastic, aluminum, synthetic fiber

Size: 130*230 mm

Weight: 85 g