Cartoon Pattern Flush Toilet Seat Cover Pad (2 Pairs)


For your extra-tidy and creative taste! With this seat cover pad, you can use the toilet seat comfortably. Get this cartoon pattern toilet seat cover in 2 pairs here at Ximivogue.

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Features: 1.Washable. Can be scrubbed to clean for several times without getting deformed, pilled, or discolored. 2.Adopts electrostatic adsorption adhesive design for convenient use and easy installation. 3.Warm and hygienic, soft and comfortable. Suitable for winter and autumn. Easy to carry around.

Usage: 1.Please wipe off the dust on toilet seat. 2.Peel off the transparent film on the back and stick it on the toilet seat directly. 3.Slightly press it to ensure firm installation.

Notes: 1.Make sure the toilet seat surface is clean and dry before using. 2.If there is some sticky parts left on the toilet seat, please wipe with a warm wet cloth. 3.Do not use for the toilet seat equipped with warmer. 4.If it drops into toilet, please do not flush, so as to avoid blogging. 5.It may be firmly sticky to the toilet cushion after long-time use, so please remove the pad regularly. 6.If the adhesive tape on the back becomes non-stick, please replace it with a new one. 7.If there is any discomfort on skin, please stop using immediately.

Material: 100% polyester

Size: 380*110*3 mm

Weight: 58 g