Can Opener (Gray/Blue)


Stylish and user-friendly can opener designed with precision and finely polished! Easily open cans with this high-quality can opener from Ximivogue.

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Features:This can opener is versatile. This can opener is made of stainless steel and it is durable. The product is sharp and durable.

Usage:1. Start turning the handle when it fits securely. Work your way around the rim of the can as you turn the handle. 2. Tilt the handle to the gap of the milk powder cover, and open it. 3. Wedge the sharp edge of the opener under the side of the beer bottle cap. Lift the handle of the bottle opener up with your dominant hand.

Notes:Please be careful when using the can opener

Material:430 stainless steel, PP, TPR

Size: 200x59x50 mm

Weight: 248 g