Cactus Pattern Underwear Mesh Laundry Bag Set


Wash your laundry with care! This laundry bag set will help organize your clothes and prevent them from being entangled during washing. Find this mesh laundry bag with cactus pattern at Ximivogue.

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Features: Features fresh style cartoon print design. Provides effective protection for your clothes by preventing winding, deformation and so on.

Usage: 1.Choose a washing bag of right size. 2.Capable of containing several pieces of clothes for washing at the same time. 3.For automatic washing machine, double-cylinder washing machine and tumbling-box washing machine.

Notes: 1.For household washing machines only. 2.Do not overload. Do not put pointed metal objects into the bag, to avoid damage to the mesh. Be careful and not to snag the clothing when zipping up. 3.Not for

Material: 100% polyester

Size: 16*16 mm

Weight: 70 g