Black Invisible Bra (For B Cup)


Strapless black bra that’s easy and comfortable to wear. It’s wear-resistant and non-slip for the ladies’ safe use. ( cup)B

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Features: Skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable materials. This sticky bra will not fall off easily. Designed to give you max and adjustable cleavage. Drawstring front closure which will lift your cleavage as much or as little as you want. Seamless bra gathers your mamma accessories.

Usage: 1.Clean the skin: Clean the breasts and dry the skin. 2.Starting with the cups inside out helps prevent any air bubbles from forming. Turn the cups inside out. Position the cups vertically. 3.Position the bottom of the cups to follow the underside of the breasts. Adjust the cups to the proper position. 4.Press the cups for a few seconds and pull the drawstrings to adjust the position of the invisible bra.

Notes: 1.If any allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use this product immediately and consult a doctor. 2.Do not use any lotion, perfume, powder or other creamy skin care products around target area when you apply the bra. 3. Wash the bra with warm water after use. Do not dry it with a towel. Please air dry it naturally. 4. The bra should be able to regain its stickiness after it is completely dried. Using the bra properly, it can be reused.

Material: Cover: 88% polyamide, 12% elastane, Lining: silicone

Size: 290*125*15mm

Weight: 47g