Bear Design Double-Wall Glass


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Features:1.The creative double-layer design which can isolate the high temperature of the liquid, so as to avoid scalding you. 2.Adorable and exquisite appearance.

Usage:1.Please wash clean with soft cloth or brush before use. Do not clean with rough tools, to avoid scratches. 2. Please control the hot beverage below 4/5 of the bottle, to avoid leakage while tightening the lid. 3.If it will be idle for a long time, please remove the dirt and wipe it dry for future use.

Notes:1.Keep out of reach of children. 2.Keep away from fire. 3. Not suitable for dishwasher, dish drier, and microwave oven.

Material:High borosilicate glass

Size: 85*70*91 mm

Weight: 153 g