Angel’s Wing Car Hanging Decoration Air Freshener (Garden in The Rain)


Wing it like angels do! Remove bad odors and regain fresh air with this soothing and relaxing aroma as you go for a drive! Hang it in your car and let the angels fly ­čĹ╝ available in the scent Garden in the Rain, here at Ximivogue!

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Features´╝Ü Scented stone is a kind of lasting fragrance product. Drip drops of or spray appropriate amount of perfume or essential oil on the back, after which it will function as a scent diffuser to give off pleasant scent. Can be used repeatedly by adding perfume or essential oil of different scent regularly.

Usage´╝Ü Drip 3-5 drops of perfume on the back of the product and wait to let it be absorbed. The fragrance can last for 3-5 days. Add perfume of different scent after the fragrance on the stone becomes weak for another different fragrance if desired.

Notes´╝Ü 1.Made of natural plaster. Hard and solid. Do not drop, beat or knock, to avoid breakage. 2.Hand-made product. It is a normal phenomenon that there is small amount of powder or fine holes on the surface

Material´╝Ü Scented stone´╝Ü plaster´╝îPerfume´╝Ü alcohol´╝î distilled water´╝î essential oil´╝î propylene glycol´╝î citric acid

Size´╝Ü 150*40*15 mm

Weight´╝Ü 30 g