Adorable Fruit Pattern Glass Water Bottle (300ml/10.1oz)


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Features: 1.Adopts adorable fruit pattern. 2.Equipped with silicone lanyard to ensure convenient carrying. 3. Made with borosilicate glass, it’s highly transparent.

Usage: 1.Please wash clean with a soft cloth or brush before use. Do not clean with rough tools, to avoid scratches. 2. Please control the hot beverage below the bottleneck, to avoid leakage while tightening the lid. 3. If it will be idle for a long time, please remove the dirt and wipe it dry for future use.

Notes: 1.Keep out of reach of children. 2.Keep away from fire. 3. Please make sure the lid is tightened while carrying. 4. Please be careful while drinking hot beverages to avoid scalding. 5.Do not open the lid when it’s inclined or near to faces. 6. Not suitable for dishwasher, dish drier, and microwave oven.

Material: Lid: ABS, rope: silica gel, body: high borosilicate

Size: 52*52*151 mm

Weight: 187.5 g