ABS Premium Calculator


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Features:12-digit large screen display.

Features dual power supply: solar energy and battery. Durable and lightweight. Designed with stylish crystal decoration which will not discolor.

1.Switch/clear button: “ON/AC”

2. Input key: 0—9、”.” “+/-”

3.Operation key: “+” “-” “*” “/” (can be pressed for display of result during calculation as “=” key does). “√”: Square root key for extraction of a root. Enter the digits, and press this key for display of result (no need to press “=” key.)

4. Equal key: “=”

5. Clear key: ①”ON/AC” key: Press to turn on, and the screen will display “0”. During operation, press to clear the entry (does not clear the contents in Memory). ②”→” key: Used to delete the rightmost digit of a live entry.