8 Shaped Elastic Tension Rope


For your yoga and pilates exercises, get this lightweight rope to go! It’s a good way to keep your body in shape and also a convenient size to carry for your routine workouts. Find it here at Ximivogue.

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Features: 1. This product comes with a unique design. The product is colorful and easy to carry. You can do exercise anytime and anywhere, and it is good for your physical fitness. 2.The product is soft, comfortable, elastic, not easy to deform and durable. 3.You can use the product anytime, anywhere.

Usage: 1.Hold the handle with your hands and stretch your hands to the sides. 2.You can step on the handle and stretch your hand holding another handle. 3.Hold the handles, stretch your hands and raise your hands over your head. 4.The beginners can use this product base on your own condition.

Notes: 1.Please check the single resistance band before using it. This product is not suitable for disabled people and people with muscle sprains, joint problems. 2.If the rope is placed in a low temperature place for a long time, please do not use it immediately, low temperature will harden the product and there will be cracks on the rope. 3.Please place the product out of reach of children and prevent children from putting it in the mouth.

Material: TPE, foam

Size: 39 mm

Weight: 35g