8 Shaped Elastic Tension Rope(large)


For your yoga and pilates exercises, get this lightweight rope to go! It’s a good way to keep your body in shape and also a convenient size to carry for your routine workouts. Find this 8 shaped elastic tension rope in large size here at Ximivogue.

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Features: 1.The materials of this 8 shaped elastic tension rope are breathable. The materials are safe and not easy to deform. 2.This 8 shaped elastic tension rope is a good tool for building muscles.

Usage: 1.Use this 8 shaped elastic tension rope when doing Pilates to exercise your waist, arms, hips and legs. The leg/hands muscles will be trained and become beautiful and healthy. 2.This product can help to stretch your arms and feet. If you need to grab the toes but you cannot touch your toes, you can use this rope instead of stretching your back. You can also use this product when doing yoga to open the shoulders. Hold the tension rope with both hands and open your arms by pulling the rope and put your hands up with the rope. 3.Use this rope to keep the position of the arms and legs when doing yoga. 4.Use the rope to do resistance training. Weight training and exercise with equipment are way different from resistance training. For example, when doing biceps curls, due to the gravity of the ground, there is resistance during the rising phase of the action, but the resistance is naturally reduced during the falling phase of the action. With the tension rope, we can experience resistance during the ascent and falling of the movement. It is a challenge for the woman’s muscles, and the training effect will be good.

Notes: 1.Please check if there are any scratches or damage before using this product. If not, please do not use it. 2.Before using this product, do warm-up exercise to avoid sports injuries, please exercise slowly, if you feel dizzy or out of breath during exercise, please stop exercising and rest. 3.Please keep the product out of reach of children. Keep the product away from direct sunlight and heat.

Material: TPE, foam

Size: 99 cmm

Weight: 150 g