4-Pack Travel Bottles Set (White)


A nice set to have for the ever-busy person ­čÖé
No matter how busy you are, take care of yourself! Stay prim and proper always~

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Features´╝Ü Keep your bag clean. You can carry the bottles when travelling.

Usage´╝ÜFlip cap bottle: It is used for dispensing toner and other skin care products. Squeeze bottle: It is used for dispensing body wash, shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, etc. Folding comb: It is used for combing hair.

Notes´╝ÜDo not pour hot, extremely high or low pH liquid into the bottle. Do not clean the product with hot water or disinfect the product at high temperature.

Material´╝ÜPET, PP, PE

Size´╝Ü 16*14*4 mm

Weight´╝Ü 61.7 g