2-in-1 Detachable Colander


It’s a basket, it’s a strainer! It’s all you need in one! Its creatively curved design makes it SO easy to drain water. The handles are designed ergonomically to make it conveniently easy for you to grip. Buy one, or two, now from XIMIVOGUE!

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Features:Detachable design. With a colander with holes for straining & a bowl for containing fruit and vegetable. Much more convenient than single bowl or colander.

Usage:Lift up the inner colander for straining or lean the whole container to let the inner colander swivel at an 90°for straining.

Notes:1.Keep away from fire and high temperature. 2.Do not contain oil, vinegar and so on. Prolonged containing of vinegar may result in plastic expansion which will cause harmful substance.


Size: 270*225*110 mm

Weight: 280 g