1M Upgraded Version 2.4A Micro Sync Charging Cable (Gold)


Fast-charging like lightning, this nylon-braided wear-resistant data cable for Android is suitable for those who are on-the-go! Available in Rose Gold and Gold at Ximivogue.

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Features: The aluminum alloy outer case will never fall out because of mould-modeling technique. Current: 2.4A

Usage: Plug the USB connector into an adapter, computer, power bank, etc. Plug the Android Micro connector into your mobile phone. Then it will start to charge or transmit data for your phone.

Notes: 1.When unplugging the cable from an adapter, computer or mobile phone, please pinch the head case instead of the cable to pull, to avoid damaging the cable and interface. 2.Keep away from strong heat source. 3.Protect from dust and dampness. 4.Avoid plugging the cable in a power strip when it is not used.

Material: PP Yarn, PVC

Size: 1000 mm

Weight: 25 g