1 Meter Aluminum Foil Braided Micro-USB Cable (Silver and Black)


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1. Zinc alloy connector.The connect or is durable.

2. Premium aluminum foil braided jacket which is durable.

3. 0.08mm tin-plated copper which is soft and durable.

4. The 5V2.1A cable is compatible with Micro USB enabled devices such as mobile phones and tablets with Micro USB interface.

For charging: connect the devices with Micro-USB port to a power supply with USB port.

Transfering: allows data transmissions from a transmitter with USB port to a receiver with Micro-USB port.

1. When the connect or is exposed to moisture,use a dry cloth to dry and place the
connect or in a ventilated area.

2. Do not expose to direct sunlight and humid area.

3.  It is forbidden to use sharp objects to cut the product.

4. Keep away from fire.

Material:PVC, zinc alloy

Size: 1000mm

Weight: 24g